FL Beer Friday

The Tampa area has become a great place for craft beers. With big names like Cigar City, Coppertail, Tampa Bay Brewing and 3 Daughters, tucked away just south of Tampa in Bradenton is another brewery that is quietly producing some good solid beers, Motorworks Brewing. With a lager, IPA and coffee porter in their core lineup, also included is a red ale named “Rollcage.” This beer has a malt and caramel smell that is also incorporated in the taste. A good hop flavor helps transition this beer to a dry and bitter finish. With an ABV of 6.5% and IBU of 50, this beer is great for beginning your evening of hanging out with friends for the night.


Beer: Motorworks Brewing  Rollcage

Style: Red Ale

Look: Honey Amber

Aroma: Caramel, Malt

Flavor: Strong hop, smooth caramel, dry bitter finish

Tripp Dickinson, Craft Beer Enthusiast

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