Filthy for Clearer Cocktails

ThinkstockPhotos-473765802.jpgCocktails are not all about the flavor. Sure, flavor is a big part of the cocktail experience, but we can’t forget about the presentation. That means we can’t skimp on the garnishes.

A cloudy martini isn’t very appetizing, just like a bloody mary shouldn’t have a film of oil floating from the garnishes. So how do you get the clarity in a clear cocktail? You choose the right garnishes.

Recently we brought in a line of high-end, gourmet garnishes that take the oil and salt out of your regular olives and cherries, making them prime ingredients for cocktails. Gone are the days of using salad olives in your martinis. You deserve better than that.

Check out some of our newest garnishes below, now available in ABCs around the state!


Black Cherry

Amarena cherries are slow-cooked in copper pots for sweetness and tartness all in one garnish.

Blue Cheese Olives

Queen olives packed with velvety blue cheese and soaked in an oil-free brine.


Pearl onions skinned and soaked until perfectly plump and flavorful.


Green olives are stuffed with a red piri piri pepper for added heat. Try these in your bloody mary.


This one is award-winning and we can see why: a big green olive stuffed with a tiny pickle and soaked in a delicious brine? Yes please!

Visit your local ABC to pick up your favorite garnishes today!



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