Most Thankful for

I really love Thanksgiving. But with it now behind us most of the family has cleared out, and it is rivalry weekend in College Football. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy spending time with the family. This past year has proven to me the importance of finding the time to get together as we have had several deaths in our immediate family. But, like most families I have some that are afflicted with a serious illness. A disturbing ailment which causes them to be fans of that second-rate team that resides in Gainesville, FL. It is important to limit my exposure to these folks, especially on this great weekend.


For all of you Gator fans that are still reading, it’s nothing personal, I just hate your team and all that it stands for. It doesn’t mean we can’t coexist on this planet, it’s just a good weekend to keep our distance.

For me, today will be spent smoking several cigars, watching numerous games, while polishing off Thanksgiving Day leftovers. My cigar of choice today will be the Kentucky Fire Cured from Drew Estate. It has a big smokey, barbecue-like flavor and goes great with this last full Saturday of college football. It is a cigar that doesn’t fit into my normal flavor profile but I do enjoy it on occasion. It has a very unique flavor profile which I find as a nice departure from the norm. I will enjoy my KFC with a glass of Scotch and with this cigar the peatier, the better. A glass of Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, or any old Islay will do the trick.

So whether you are a Seminole, Wolverine, Buckeye, War Eagle, Roll Tider, or even a Gator, make sure you slip into ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and get your KFC and Scotch. And if the relatives are all gone then it is certainly ok to splurge on the Scotch. Nothing is worse than that cousin or uncle who ads ginger ale to a 25-year-old masterpiece, it’s quite blasphemous.

Chris Gwaltney, Premium Cigars & Craft Beer Category Manager and Tobacconist

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