rootbeerfloat (2 of 2).jpg

Photography by Jacob Bailes

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a root beer float is always a good idea–especially when it’s made with Not Your Father’s Root Beer (NYFRB), a spiced beer that tastes just like root beer. And I don’t say that in the way people claim cough syrup tastes like cherry (it doesn’t, can we all agree?). I’m saying that in the way that it really does taste like root beer. I’d venture to be you may even get it confused for root beer in a blind tasting. But that’s beside the point.

For this delicious dessert, we added an ounce of whipped cream vodka just for fun. Make yours as original as you’d like. Add sprinkles! Cherries! Chocolate ice cream! Birthday cake vodka! Anything that takes your NYFRB Float to the next level is fine by us–the possibilities are endless for this customizable treat. To get you started, our recipe is below.

rootbeerfloat (1 of 2).jpg

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

1-2 scoops Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
6 oz Not Your Father’s Root Beer
1 oz V5 Whipped Cream Vodka

Add half the ice cream to a tall glass. Pour vodka over ice cream, then add the rest of the ice cream. Top with NYFRB. Serve with a spoon and a straw!



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