Florida Beer Friday: Holy Mackerel Panic Attack

HolyMackerelPanickAttack.jpgDon’t have a panic attack unless your in the mood for a hefty Belgian style ale. Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers was founded in Pompano Beach, Florida, by “2 Crooked and Demented Guys.” Their most popular beer, Panic Attack, should be consumed slowly to enjoy the full aroma and taste of a thick but subtle fruit-flavored, malty beer. With a medium honey color and an ABV of 10%, this beer is sure to keep the night going.

Beer: Holy Mackerel Panic Attack

Style: Belgian Ale

Look: Medium honey color

Aroma: Sweet honey with a hint of malt

Flavor: Fruit-forward with raisin bread and pear notes

Tripp Dickinson, Craft Beer Enthusiast & Contributing Writer

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