The Nicaraguan Lady Goes Maduro

Serie R.jpgI will always have a special place in my heart for La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigars. The number seven Maduro is the smoke that got me excited about cigars many years ago. As someone who fancied themselves as a cigar smoker, I was just beginning my journey. From Tampa Nuggets to Royal Jamaicans and then to Macanudo, I felt like I had evolved as a smoker. It wasn’t until I had my first La Gloria Serie R 7 Maduro that I truly understood the flavor possibilities in cigars. The “Lady,” an affectionate name applied to this iconic brand, certainly turned my head and seduced me to the dark side of cigars.

I don’t want to get too Star Wars geek here–Rogue One opened in theaters on December 15–but it’s hard to not notice the comparisons here. I now understand better, tragic characters such as Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren. These were good-hearted folks turned forever to the dark side by its warming and seductive power. Yes, if they were cigar smokers then they would prefer Maduros, as I do. I guess that makes me a Sith Lord by proxy.

If I needed another reason to despise the New Republic and its pitiful rebellion, then La Gloria provided it when they decided to release its Serie R Estelí in Maduro. For those not familiar the Estelí Serie R, it is a delicious Nicaraguan version of their acclaimed cigar, this time encased in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Yes, all that spicy, rich Nicaraguan tobacco with the American dark treatment to complete the flavor profile. The wrapper completely transforms this smoke into a more complex experience that I would compare to a fresh double shot espresso from the local coffee house as opposed to that of a cup of coffee that has been sitting on a warmer at a gas station all day. This is a full-bodied experience and I would not recommend it as a beginner smoke. This cigar is intense from start to finish.

If bold is what you are looking for and you have a special place in your heart for Vader, Kylo and Boba Fett, then don’t be scared, this cigar is for you. And if you have any fear towards these “villains” then remember these words: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate is the path to the dark side. The Lady and I will be waiting for you there.

Chris Gwaltney, Category Manager: Premium Cigars & Craft Beer
Certified Retail Tobacconist
Sith Lord
Follow me on Twitter @abccigarchris

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