4 Stocking Stuffer Pairings

The best part about the day after Christmas is all the candy you can finally eat from your stocking. And since we have the day off, we’re planning to pair our favorite stocking stuffers with a few of our favorite things: wine, beer and cocktails!

reeses.jpgReese’s Trees + Lambic

It’s not a traditional pairing, but after trying it, it’s a pairing you’ll return to again and again. The fruit in the lambic melds well with chocolate of the Reese’s, while the sweetness matches up against the nuttiness from the peanut butter. Think of it as a holiday PB&J.

chocolate santas.jpgMilk Chocolate Santa + Pinot Noir

A light wine pairs well with a light, sweet chocolate. Fruit-forward and balanced, Pinot Noir is an equal match to milk chocolate. Pull out all the stops with Styring Signature Pinot Noir ($34.99) or choose Free River Vineyard Pinot Noir ($16.99) for a more budget-friendly option.

peppermint bark.jpegPeppermint Bark + Stout

If you love Thin Mints every other time of the year, you’re going to love this pairing. Mint and chocolate collide in the candy, while the roasted notes in the stout smooth over the pairing and bring out the chocolate just a little bit more.

candy canes.jpgCandy Cane + Hot Chocolate

A classic pairing grown up: before pouring the hot chocolate in your mug, add an ounce of Baileys ($16.99). It’s like all of your holiday memories with an little extra kick.

PS If you don’t fee like getting out of your fuzzy slippers to head to the store, have your wine, spirits and beer delivered. Get more details here.

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