The Killer Bs – Winter edition!

We all get asked very frequently about our favorite wines, which is a difficult question to answer since I don’t think I have any specific wine that is my be-all end-all fav. Sure I like some wines more than others, and which wine I select is dependent on some variables, like food, season and mood.


I usually just answer “the killer Bs,” then follow up with my explanation. I like many whites, and plenty of reds that aren’t part of the killer B group, but the select few wines that I always enjoy, the ones that get me the most excited, are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello and Cru Beaujolais; these are what I call “the killer Bs.”

But that’s old news.

Here’s a more timely, seasonal list of the killer Bs since January is here. This is my A list of killer Bs for the cooler weather I long for every January through March.

Usually in January I rush off to the Georgia mountains for a little does of cold, fly-fishing and camping. Then in March I head up to Buffalo/Rochester for some spring steelhead, and in March, Buffalo can get nasty.

So I revise my more seasonal killer B list to incorporate other necessities for the snow! Bourbon, yep, my new found, not so fair-weather friend! Bordeaux of course, the boldest of the B wines for the cold. Yep. Can’t do without the killer Bs, especially in winter!

Shayne Hebert, Wine & Spirits Sales Manager

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