I’m Pistoff

mungeer_pistoff2Well actually I’m not really PO’d but it seemed like a good headline for the cigar I am about to smoke. I am talking about the new offering from Kristoff Cigars and that would be the Kristoff Pistoff. A very catchy name for what hopefully is a very good one from Glen Case and our friends at Kristoff Cigars. As the story goes, apparently a customer of Kristoff suggested the name of Pissed Off Kristoff and Glen liked the sound of it (also wasn’t overly impressed with the reference) so he just switched it around a bit and created the Kristoff Pistoff.

So what is this new creation from Kristoff? I recall that this cigar was touted by Kristoff as being “big” as in big flavor, full bodied, full strength and that it feels like you actually smoked a cigar when you finish! So I decide I better find a cold beverage that will withstand this onslaught of the senses and grab myself an English Red and Black Porter. This should hold up quite well… I hope!

Well right off the bat this cigar looks mean. It sports the pig tail cap with a closed foot and the wrapper is a dark and ominous – Mexican San Andres. It has a simple black band, red lettering and already it looks mean. This is a very firm feeling cigar and quite dense and I’m thinking that the hype is going to be correct. The moment of reckoning is here and it’s time to light this cigar.

Of course lighting a cigar with a closed foot is an adventure in and of itself, since a closed foot makes a cigar easy to light, but it also scatters sparking ashes all over the table! But I persevere and finally enjoy the first few draws of the Pistoff and while I can definitely experience the full flavors of leather and dark chocolate and coffee notes this cigar is extremely smooth with no pepper bite or any other harsh flavors. I am glad I chose a full bodied English Porter to go with this smoke! This is definitely a smoke for a seasoned cigar smoker and not a novice as the flavors can definitely overwhelm.

At the halfway mark the strength definitely kicks up a notch but the smoothness remains and this actually is a very enjoyable smoke if you enjoy the complexity and strength of the flavors that just keep coming. So don’t let the name scare you… this cigar is not all that angry.

Stay Smokey!

Steve Mungeer, Category Manager: Premium Cigars and Craft Beer

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