ThinkstockPhotos-594055902.jpgThe worldwide trending drink is on every bar’s cocktail list. But why? Chalk it up to great taste, great vodka, and a humble beginning.

  1. The drink is currently celebrating its 75th (!) anniversary.
  2. The ingredient choices came about when the founder of Smirnoff, John Martin, teamed up with an LA restaurateur, Jack Morgan, who happened to own a brand of ginger beer.
  3. Coincidentally, Americans at the time didn’t even know what ginger beer was. They preferred ginger ale.
  4. In addition to their disdain for ginger beer, Americans heavily preferred brown spirits at the time of the Moscow Mule’s inception. Needless to say, Martin and Morgan had their work cut out for them.
  5. Together Morgan and Martin went bartender to bartender and convinced them to pour the drink for their customers. Turns out, the strategy worked…
  6. The drink was wildly popular in 1943, just two years after its creation.
  7. How did the copper cup become as iconic as the drink? Morgan’s girlfriend at the time had inherited a copper factory from her father.

Want to enjoy the classic, 75-year-old recipe? Check it out below:

Moscow Mule.png

More of a risk-taker? Try the recipe using a Smirnoff flavor instead. We recommend Smirnoff Raspberry or Citrus.

Chelsea Mueller, Senior Marketing Coordinator

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