Marrero Cigars

Marrero.jpgOne of the best things about being in the cigar business is getting to try new products and meet the people responsible for them. Our newest cigar line, Marrero Cigars, is no exception. The creator of this up-and-coming brand is Joel Vazquez and his Costa Rican cigars are quickly gaining lots of acclaim in the cigar world. If you have taken a visit to Costa Rica and enjoyed a cigar while you were there then you are probably familiar with Joel’s work.

I met Joel a little over a year ago, thanks to an introduction from a mutual friend. He told me that he knew a guy that made cigars and I should really try one. This isn’t the first time someone has suggested that I try a new cigar but the fact that Joel owns a cigar lounge near one of our stores in Treasure Island, FL, certainly peaked my interest. With ABC being a family-owned Florida business it’s always good to meet others in our industry.

I smoked several of Joel’s cigars before I met him and I was very impressed with them. His cigars are well-constructed, have a varying range of flavor profiles, and range in levels of strength. It is also great that his factory was not only in Costa Rica but also incorporated quite a bit of Costa Rican tobacco in the blends. These are both areas that we had a void to fill and Costa Rican tobacco is starting to become a bigger factor in the cigar world.

Meeting with Joel certainly sealed the deal as he is very passionate about his craft. He isn’t just a cigar shop owner making his own private label cigar. Joel is a true cigar maker who is obsessed with creating a quality, consistent product at a very affordable price. The six cigars that we stock in our humidors range from $6.29 to $7.89 which are great prices considering the cost of other boutique blends. We have in our inventory the Bellartes Gran Robusto, Fuerte Gran Toro, Fuerte 6X60, Tico Toro Grande, Tico Robusto, and Tesoro Mio 6X60.

These cigars won’t be available in every store but, as with our other boutique lines, will be available in most major markets. We will review the cigars individually over the next few months so stay tuned. I suggest you don’t wait and try one for yourself. It’s a taste of Costa Rica with a Florida family flair.

Chris Gwaltney
Senior Category Manager: Premium Cigars & Craft Beer
Certified Retail Tobacconist
Cicerone Beer Server

Follow me on Twitter @abccigarchris

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