Celebrate like it’s Friday

We’re so close to Friday it’s not even funny. But instead of dwelling on the next 17+ non-Friday hours, here are 5 reasons to celebrate like it’s Friday.

Elephants in sweaters.jpeg

Amarula.jpg1. Elephants wearing giant sweaters.

A wildlife conservation center in India has been knitting giant sweaters for elephants in their care due to the cold weather. Raise a toast to this totally awesome news story with Amarula, a cream liqueur made in South Africa. It has notes of chocolate and caramel and goes well mixed with coffee or hot chocolate.


2. Throwback Thursday.

Though Throwback Thursday is usually all about the photos, you can take it to mean it’s time to get down at work with some tunes you’ve been missing. Like this one from Ashanti. If the song is still stuck in your head later, pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay and turn up the volume!


3. Wine delivery.

If you’re too tired to make an extra stop after dealing with rush hour traffic this afternoon, we don’t blame you. Which is why we now offer same-day delivery. Download your favorite delivery app here and place your order before you leave work.

harryplax severus.jpg

baigorri.jpg4. Harryplax Severus.

This tiny crab has been named Harryplax Severus after Harry Potter and Harry Conley, the marine collector who discovered the crabs 20 years ago. The second name, of course, is an homage to Professor Severus Snape. Celebrate the coolest name in the marine biology game with Baigorri Rioja which, forgive me, pairs well with crab.


When you realize it’s still not Friday.

5. The Pro Bowl.

For the first time ever, the Pro Bowl is being hosted in Florida! And since we’re so proud of our great state, we’re starting celebrations early–with a few tailgate snacks and drinks. The game will be this Sunday at 8pm at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

What are you celebrating this Friday eve? Tweet us @abcwinecountry!

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