Cigar Making 101

From the rolling hills and valleys of Danli, Honduras, to the humidors of ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, hand rolled cigars are made from a complicated and delicate process.

IMG_2052.JPGOnce ready for rolling, leaves are separated and sent to the rollers, who are the heart of the cigar company. Their hands are the most essential tools and they start by making the filler which must be carefully done to ensure perfect burning. Once the filler is done, it is covered with the binder to create the “bonche” which is placed on the mold where the cigars obtain their shape. The molds are closed and pressed for a short time.

Then comes the most delicate part of the process, affixing the wrapper. The roller must perfectly roll the wrapper, cut the leaf to make the “perilla” which is affixed with vegetable glue. The cigars are inspected, wrapped in cellophane, boxed up and, 300 hands later, we have a perfect cigar.

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