We ♥ Wine tastings

There’s a good a chance you’re probably reading this article while sitting at home, dreaming about delicious wines, wishing you were actually drinking them. What if I told you that you’re missing out from a fun tasting at your neighborhood ABC?

ABC hosts three different types of monthly tastings all throughout Florida, each tasting offering a little something different, yet guaranteeing a good time! So what are you missing out on?
The $5 Wine Tour, my friends! In this mini-tasting you can try great Direct To You wines and spirits and at some locations craft beer from our growler stations, all for $5. Raise your glass at our next tasting, happening the last Wednesday and Thursday of the month. Click here for participating stores.


We also have neighborhood monthly tastings. For only $10, sample over 50 wines, spirits and even delicious food from local restaurants. Check out our events calendar, grab a friend (and a glass), while you mingle and sip through our stores on the look out for the perfect wine!

If you consider yourself a big wine aficionado, our Premium wine tastings are probably the event for you! With over 50 premium wines, wine experts and other wine connoisseurs attending be ready to hear wonderful words like ruby, tannins, finish and body through the store. Don’t be afraid or intimidated, this event is a great opportunity to learn and delight your palate with some of the best wines and spirits ABC has to offer for only $14.99.

Catch the last tastings of February!

$5 Wine Tour: Wednesday, February 22 & Wednesday, February 23 6-7:30 pm.

Select store locations here

Neighborhood Wine Tastings:  Wednesday, February 22, 6-8 pm

Jacksonville Grand Opening

6313 Roosevelt Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL

Premium Wine Tastings: Wednesday, February 22, 6-8 pm

2360 Highway 44

New Smyrna, FL


Thursday, February 23, 6-8 pm

3015 W. Kennedy Blvd.

Tampa, FL

While you’re there make sure to ask our wine specialist about food pairing options and impress your guests with your new knowledge at your next dinner! Cheers!

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