Oscar Party Planning

With the Oscars being tomorrow night, now’s the time to start planning your viewing party spread. Grab some cheese, order a pizza or make a lavish meal–whatever the grub, be sure to pick the drinks to match the menu.


For the Star-Studded Spread

If you’re planning on going all out with fancy finger foods and top-chef pupus, grab a few bottles of bubbly to match. Try Veuve Ambal (available in stores) with your shrimp cocktail or Giorgi Platino Brut Rosé with chocolate covered fruit.

ThinkstockPhotos-473649188.jpgFor Sports-Style Grub

Pick up a 6-pack of Steam Jack to pair with chicken wings, tacos, Chinese take-out and pizza. This Florida Common is brewed by Crooked Can Brewery in Winter Garden and is styled after a traditional California common. Steam Jack is especially excellent when paired with food.

ThinkstockPhotos-477602780.jpgFor Simple Snacks

Chips and dip, pretzels, store-bought cookies, whatever’s in your cabinet–sometimes it’s easier to go the simple route. Dress up your snacks with an uncomplicated cocktail to give your viewing party a little pizazz. Try a vodka and soda using any flavor V 5 or a bourbon and Coke with Zackariah Harris.

Check out our Spirits on the Silver Screen Pinterest board for even more alcohol-infused Hollywood fun!

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