Speak St. Paddy’s

The Irish not only have a way with their whiskey and their beer, but with their words. All year long, their most adored phrases like “Top o’ the Mornin’!” have been itching to come out. Today is that day.

Whatever you’re drinking, wherever you’re drinking and with whomever you’re drinking, we want you to watch your mouth. Keep it full of Irish imbibes and Irish idiosyncracies all day long. Here are our five favorite Irish words and phrases; the sip we paired is optional, but at least get a few of these sayings in today!

giphy (1)

Head like a bag o’ spuds – ph. dense headed or not very good looking. While you enjoy this version of the Irish Julep, you can confidently know that NO ONE will be using this phrase with your name in the same sentence. Basil Hayden’s® Irish Julep

2. Stook – n. an idiot or fool. Sip this Irish Blonde Martini while screaming at your friend “Quit dancing on the table, you stook!” Irish Blonde - Whiskey Cocktail

3. Rale Bulgarian – n.an uncivilized character. You can use this phrase just after you taken your first sip of this spritely Sparkling Shamrock! 


4. Acting the maggot – n. being a jerk. While not green, but entirely delicious, this creamy Irish Rose will make for a comforting swallow after your friend was told he was acting a maggot. Irish Rose at ABC Fine Wines & Spirits

5. Biscuits to a bear – ph. waste of time. Precociously sip this classic Irish coffee as you ponder a way to escape your over-indulgent friends.


Get more Irish recipes on our Pinterest page!

Cheers and be safe!




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