Margarita of the Year

ThinkstockPhotos-185301759.jpgThere is nothing better than a perfect margarita.

Ice cold, frozen, on the rocks, with a floater of orange liqueur or fruit garnishes–however you make your house version, margaritas are an art. That’s why Patron is on the hunt to find the best of the best, the most delectable, the perfect margarita.

Visit to see the contenders for this egregious honor. From the spiced grapefruit version to the red wine-infused Coralina Margarita, Patron has seven selected margs battling it out for the top spot. Try them all and vote for your favorite now through April 9!

Don’t know where to start? Take Paton’s quick flavor quiz to find your perfect recipe or learn more about the recipes below. Then, head on over to to vote. Happy #MargaritaMonday everyone!

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