A Vine Affair – Don’t miss this event!

 “Always be celebrating.” That’s our motto and we live by it. This month, we are celebrating a brand new type of wine tasting – A Vine Affair. Sample some of the finest high-end wines and spirits you can find at ABC. Meet our team of specialists and mingle with other wine connoisseurs while you walk through our stores and sample over 50 distinct products, carefully selected to wow our guests.

This event is the perfect opportunity to shake things up and go on an adventure during the week. You may not be able to escape to the vines, so we are bringing the best of the vines your way. So gather your friends, make this a date night or simply join the crowd! Whether you’re a seasoned sipper or still learning the vines, this is a tasting for every palate level.

ABC A Vine Affair_EventBrite Image_FB

Speaking of palate, this event is also a great opportunity to taste some local restaurants featured at each tasting. Rosé, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Champagne, bourbon, vodka, rum and food… can a night get any better? Well, actually, it can because this event is only $15 dollars. It’s so good, we’re not taking any excuses! You can purchase your ticket on evetbrite.com and find our upcoming events by searching A Vine Affair. By doing so, you can skip the lines the night of the event and start sipping and learning right away.

Oh and since we really want you to leave our stores celebrating, take an additional 15% off your purchase the night of the event. Interested in this or more tasting events? Browse our new website for upcoming events at an ABC near you, visit www.abcfws.com/events .

Cheers and see you at our next Vine Affair!

Indy Tejeda, Marketing Coordinator

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