Prohibition is Here

Prohibition 1.JPGYes, the days of Prohibition are upon us but not to panic! This Prohibition is the offering from Rocky Patel Cigars–not the end of alcoholic beverages. Although this is a bit of a dig at the FDA from Rocky suggesting that like the failure of Federal Prohibition in the 1920s, the current FDA regulations surrounding the cigar industry will prove to be another disaster–but we won’t delve into here.  Let’s just take a look at the Rocky Patel Prohibition cigars!

These tasty cigars come in two different selections, the Broadleaf and the Mexican. Both of the Prohibition cigars are produced at Rocky’s factory in Nicaragua and are produced only in the Toro size. The Broadleaf version uses Nicaraguan filler with a Brazilian binder and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The Mexican version uses a similar filler blend with a Brazilian binder but has a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The Mexican received an outstanding review from Cigar Insider with a 91 rating and that is the version I smoked for this blog. The Broadleaf version received a good rating also, however a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is one that can lend a taste to a cigar that not everyone admires.

The Mexican or San Andres version is a rather tasty cigar. It had a very good draw with just the right amount of resistance and the burn was perfect throughout the entire smoke. This is a medium-bodied cigar that intensifies near the end, thought it has medium strength throughout. The San Andres wrapper lends itself well to this blend as it helps to enhance some of the spicy pepper notes from the filler but also keeps it from being too overpowering by imparting some sweet cocoa and chocolate notes. It has a bit of the sweet and spicy contrasts going on which gives it some nice complexity. There is a bit of a nutty flavor that sneaks in every so often but the sweet and spicy contrasts of pepper and chocolate tend to dominate.

Prohibition 2.JPGThis is definitely a cigar well worth trying and will prove to be a nice addition to your humidor. The flavor profile is very similar to Drew Estates Undercrown and definitely reminded me of that smoke. I will venture into the Broadleaf version next as I am a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers and want to see for myself how they compare. Definitely pick these up and give them a try–you will not be disappointed!

Stay Smokey!

Steve Mungeer, Category Manager:  Premium Cigars and Craft Beer
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