You may not be as cunning as the Kingslayer, but you can slay some champagne with the art of sabrage.

  1. Choose a sparkling wine that has a glass bottle and traditional cork top (instead of screw top/plastic bottles). We chose Dominio de la Peseta Cava because it has a great price point and meets all of the above standards.

step 1

  1. Take foil and cage off the bottle.

step 2

  1. Find the seam of the bottle

step 3

  1. Using the blunt edge of a butcher’s knife (or a sabering sword if you have one handy) run the knife along the seam. Using one swift motion, aim for the lip of the bottle. Note: does not require a lot of force


  1. Lip of the bottle and cork should come off clean and in one piece.

step 5

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