Clear your Calendar. It’s Wine and Cheese Day.

IWine and Cheese (2 of 5)t’s an experience that could be considered a rite of passage into adulthood: your first wine and cheese pairing. It usually goes a little something like this — you’re invited over to a friend’s place (maybe for girl’s night or a first home-housewarming celebration). You brought wine, wine which you weren’t really sure tasted all that great, and your friends brought some cheese and charcuterie. You’re mingling and giggling, and the wine actually turned out to be fantastic (an Oregon Pinot teeming with cranberries and earth).

You take a bite of brie and you allow the creamy tang to fill your mouth. It’s a touch mushroomy with a rich linger. You take a sip of the wine, and an intense wave of dark berries cut through the fat of the cheese, while simultaneously heightening the subtle herbs in the underbelly of the wine. It was succulent and you immediately go for more.

Maybe it’s your first year celebrating Wine and Cheese Day. Maybe you’ve been celebrating it since it first started. But these pairings, dare we say, might be better than your first time.

Block 044 Zinfandel (750mL, $16) + President Goat Log

Block 044 w-Goat Cheese

Block 047 Red Blend (750mL, $2) + Don Bernardo Manchego

Wine and Cheese (1 of 5) (1)

Block 313 Cabernet Sauvignon (750mL, $34) + Old Croc Sharp Cheddar

Block 313 w-Cheddar

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