Trivento + PBC

When a world-renowned Argentine winery asks you to pair up for a partnership, you happily (and quickly) oblige. As fate would have it, this is exactly what happened to Noah and Amber Glanville, founders of the Pit Barrel Cooker.

The business actually started as a way for Noah to channel the healing he sought. PTSD brought on a slew of wounds, and Noah is very open about the fact that this business really helped him cope. “I had a tremendous amount of feelings and energy, and it was going to be really toxic if I couldn’t do something quickly.” But there was a bigger plan at play. “I saw that there was this business, and I knew that if we stuck with it long enough and hard enough, I knew that it would be a success. I knew that it would just be a matter of time before we met the right people, like the president of Excelsior wines, for example.”


Upon the Glanville’s meeting with Marc, he decided that Trivento would be the perfect pairing. Noah’s favorite thing about Trivento Riserva Malbec is the price point. “Sure you could buy a bottle that’s a couple hundred dollars, and for the quality and price, Trivento is the perfect pair with the pit barrel – that’s what they have in common, the quality and price is unheard of.” You get a great experience every time, no compromises.

No compromises is exactly what Trivento winemaker, Maximiliano Ortiz, strives for. “We’re a very modern company, always looking forward to new technology and new things.”

The wine is harvested in April by hand, aged in French oak barriques for 6 months and then aged for an additional 5 months in bottle prior to release.Deep red and violet in color, with powerful aromas of ripe red fruits, strawberries and cherries, with hints of coffee and chocolate from the oak. Good body and fleshy tannins with a long, lingering finish.

In honor of a world class pairing between Trivento and Pit Barrel Cooker, we’re giving away a PBC drum grill with the Trivento logo. Check our Facebook on August 28 and answer the question. The winner will be randomly selected.

“We’re barely scratching the surface on the things we can do together.” Noah said in reference to the partnership with Trivento and Excelsior wines. “We share a love of the grill, of value, of bringing people together, and are always looking for ways to compliment and enhance our respective crafts. Pulling a nice steak or rack of ribs off the PBC to a glass of Trivento’s bold, old-vine Malbec, or the refined aromas of their Amado Sur awaiting a lobster tail, the pairing of The Pit Barrel Cooker Company and Trivento just makes sense.”

Find Trivento Reserve Malbec at your local ABC or check it out here.

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