Hops1.jpgHere’s a riddle for you: If all ales have the same foundational ingredients, why do you love some but dislike others? True beer aficionados already know the answer. It’s the hops.

But with nearly 80 different hop varieties used in brewing today, sometimes it can get tricky to remember which you like and which you’ve never tried. So here’s a breakdown of the 10 most common hops and their characteristics, plus a few brew suggestions to help should you choose to do a little taste test of your own (it’s highly recommended):

Chinook spicy, piney and grapefruit-y Arrogant Bastard Ale
Cascade flowery, spicy and citrusy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Mosaic fruity, grassy, floral and earthy
Citra citrusy
Simcoe bitter and aromatic
Galaxy passionfruit and citrus aroma Uinta Hop Nosh
Centennial floral and citrus Bells Two Hearted Ale
Sorachi Ace bittering with a lemony aroma Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
Amarillo citrusy and flowery Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
Willamette slightly spicy, fruity, floral and a little earthy New Belgium Fat Tire

Ready for another riddle? What brewers used before there were hops? You can find the answer in our latest issue of Off Tap. Click here to read!

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