Midweek Frosé


It’s Wednesday and we’re all thinking the same thing: When. will. this. week. end.

Well, I’m here to change your thinking. Instead of cringing at people who call Wednesday “hump day” or whining that you *thought* tomorrow was Friday, change your mindset. Instead, think:

Praise the heavens. It’s Friday Eve Eve!

Say it out loud. Tweet it. Tell your coworkers. Sign off your emails with the news. It’s Friday Eve Eve, y’all! Time to get your wine on!

But not just any wine. This is hump day after all. Celebrate the downslope of this sloppy week with frosé. And a flamingo straw. Or a crazy straw and some pizza. However you get down on a Wednesday is your call. We’re just here to supply you with the wine and a recipe. So without further ado, here’s your 1-2 step to a better Wednesday night.


1 bottle Château Trians Provence Rosé
3 cups Frozen Strawberries or Mixed Berries
1 tbsp Simple Syrup

Combine rose, berries and simple syrup in a blender. Fill with ice. Blend until smooth. Serve.

How’s that for a midweek celebration?



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