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It’s here: the greatest month of them all. Sure, National Reading Month (March) is fun and International Internal Audit Awareness Month can never be forgotten (or can it? PS it’s May). But nothing holds a candle to National Bourbon Heritage Month.

In 2007, Congress declared September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. Thankfully so, because if we had gone any longer without an official act backing our celebration of bourbon in September, I don’t know what would have happened.

This month is your month to get into the bourbon groove, and we’re here to help. Check out to get started. There you’ll find coupons for a few of our favorite bottles, a chance to join the Bourbon Lottery (there’s Pappy in there), a bourbon family tree breakdown, a coupla recipes for budding bourbon mixologists and much more.

While you browse the page, pour yourself a glass of whiskey. Here are a few top picks perfect for this occasion.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year

The palate entry has a flash of corny sweetness upfront, then a whisper of butterscotch; the midpalate is full-bodied, sweet, oily, clean and maple-like. Concludes with sumptuous flavors of dark honey and marzipan.

Bulleit 95 Rye

Aromas of oak, dark fruits and mellow vanilla. Take a sip for an instant hit of cherry on your tongue. The taste moves toward nuts, toffee and spice, plus some more fruit. It finishes dry and chewy with lasting notes of maple and oak.

Old Forester

Richer in rye than most bourbons. Fermented with the proprietary Old Forester yeast strain which is still grown fresh daily at the distillery.

Zackariah Harris

Sweet on the nose, with thick orange-infused caramel and cinnamon honey on buttered toast. Vanilla bean, toasted coconut and decent rye notes gives unexpected complexity. The finish is spicy and slightly bitter with rye, vanilla, cinnamon, coriander, a bit of clove and some barrel char.

Got your glass? Start exploring now!

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