Bloody Marys by region

The spirit of the Bloody Mary is one of rejuvenation and restoration. It’s the beloved, all-curing answer to Saturday morning headaches, Sunday morning brunches and even the occasional picnic cocktail. It’s also great because you can switch up the liquor – from gin to bourbon, rum to tequila, the variations on a vodka-based Bloody Mary get as creative as the mixologist.

But the spirit within the drink isn’t the only thing that makes a Mary a Mary. It’s the garnish. We’re sure you’ve seen the trend in outrageous Bloody Mary garnishes (a full course surf n turf dinner, anyone?) but a little can actually go a long way, when it comes to garnishes. We’ve dreamed up these 5 recipes, with garnishes corresponding to a region of the nation. Just choose a region (or the garnish that looks yummiest to you) and get to mixing!





West Coast

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