Down, Set, DRINK! 3 Easy Tailgate Cocktails to Elevate Your Pregame Party

College football is in full swing and with a little luck and a great coach, your team is probably doing alright in the rankings. But where does your tailgate cocktail game stand? We’re guessing it’s on par with canned beer and maybe a bottle of wine (which, don’t get us wrong, is a great way to tailgate). But we’re here to help you take it up a notch with three easy recipes that will elevate your tailgate to a completely different playing field. Consider us your cocktail coach this blog your playbook.

AngryIrishmanDetail.jpgANGRY IRISHMAN

1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
6 oz Angry Orchard Green Apple

In a pint glass, add ice and whiskey. Pour Angry Orchard to the top and stir.

Crown-Whisky-Cola.jpgCROWN WHISKY & COLA

1 1/2 oz Crown Royal Deluxe Whisky
4 oz Cola
1 Lime Slice

Add Crown Royal to an ice-filled highball glass. Add cola and stir. Garnish with a lime.

watermelon mule.jpgWATERMELON MULE

2 oz Sobieski Vodka
1 bottle Fever Tree Ginger Beer
4 oz Watermelon Juice
1/2 Lime, juiced

Combine watermelon juice, vodka and lime juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer.

What are you making for game day? Follow us on Pinterest for more tailgate cocktail and party ideas.

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