Pinterest perfect cocktail (that’s actually easy to make)

Now more than ever, food (and beverage) photography is prominent in the lives of many. From everyday breakfast selfies, to ornate and elaborate feasts, the documentation of food well made is of the utmost importance to people. Many times, we try to replicate a picture we see on Pinterest only to be let down by the complications of the preparations with an end result looking nothing close to what we were aiming for.

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Florida Beer Friday: Hanalei Island IPA

It’s #FloridaBeerFriday and we’re celebrating withKona Brewing Company Hanalei Island IPA. Perfect for enjoying on the beach with friends. #craftbeer

Kona Hanalei (3 of 3).jpg

Beer: Kona Brewing Co. Hanalei Island IPA

Style: American IPA

Look: Clear, peachy gold

Aroma: Tropical fruit and grapefruit

Flavor: Passionfruit, orange and guava balance the subtle bitterness of aromatic Azacca and Galaxy hops to deliver a coppery, laidback, session-style ale with tropical flavors.

Let’s Have That Way Overdue Talk About Moscato

RieslingFor many, the word ‘Moscato’ evokes thoughts of simple, saccharine-sweet, sippers for those new to the wine scene.  Those easy, foaming honeyed whites that our collective grandmothers drink over ice.  Even those of us who’ve been doing this whole ‘wine thing’ for a while have at one time or another dumped moscato… hard.  But this is National Moscato Day and I think it’s high time this hedonistically rich, chameleon of a grape variety gets its day in the sun (ugh I hate puns).


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