Welcome to Canoe Ridge Vineyard

An Authentic Northwest Adventure

Grafton_2.JPGAs legend has it, explorers Lewis and Clark noticed a ridge resembling an overturned canoe on their historic 1805 Columbia River journey. Today, that landmark is known as Canoe Ridge Vineyard, the namesake location of one of Washington state’s most recognized wine producers. Established in the Horse Heaven Hills in 1989, followed by a Walla Walla based winery in 1994, Canoe Ridge showcases wines to reflect the natural beauty and terroir of the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading


Yalumba is certainly a name to reckon with. They are the oldest family-owned winery in Australia, going back to 1849 when Samuel Smith and his family left their native England for Port Adelaide and planted their first vineyard shortly after arriving. In 1852 Samuel, like so many others, got caught up in the Australian gold rush and managed to come back with £300 worth of gold which enabled him to buy 80 acres of land, two horses and a harness. The first Yalumba wine – the name comes from an Aboriginal term meaning “all the country around” – was released in 1853 and the Smith family, now in its fifth generation, have remained at the forefront of Australian winemaking ever since. Continue reading