Bill Stobbs

BillBill’s international outlook forms the foundation of his enjoyment of wine. This British wine consultant grew up with parents of the Old World, making for a young Bill that came to know wines at an age that’s uncommon for most Americans. Moving across the pond broadened Bill’s interest in learning more about different wines. Today, he maintains strong emotional ties to the wines of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as these countries were all at one time part of the British Empire.

Bill’s last trip to an area of his expertise was to Australia – Barossa, Clare Valley and Adelaide. “We all know that Australia offers excellent value-for-money wine. But I’d also like to remind wine-lovers that Australia also produces wine of amazing quality that can stand alongside the best wines from anywhere in the world.” In addition to Australia, Bill is also considered an expert of wines from New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Argentina.  

He also has a passion for good craft beers, so if you happen to run into Bill in a bar (he’ll probably be the guy seated with Billie Holiday, Henry Miller and Bugs Bunny), buy him a Newcastle Brown Ale or “Dog.”

Bill’s a classic film buff and one industry specific scene comes to mind when asked how his two favorite hobbies assimilate. “In Casablanca, the flashback to Paris where the Nazis are invading Bogart and Bergman is drinking Champagne (it’s Mumm Cordon Rouge) the café owner says, ‘he’ll water his lawn with Champagne before he’ll let the Germans drink any of it.’ It’s always fun to see great wines in great films.”

He imagines that a world without wine would be “a world without civilization.” “On the grand scale, when I think about all the people in history who not only drank wine but had a true passion for it – poets, artists, philosophers, saints, political figures, military leaders – I begin to wonder where we would be (intellectually) without it.”

Bill can be reached at and follow him on Twitter @abcwinebills.

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