Jim Greeley

JimAfter doing the “corporate America thing” for nearly a decade, Jim Greeley is happy to be a part of the excitement surrounding the wine business. Jim covers the Spain, Portugal, Chile and Argentina wine regions and is ABC’s southwest Florida wine supervisor. Of those countries, he has been fortunate enough to travel to all but Portugal on and considers Rioja, Spain, to be one of his favorite travel destinations; although, he says, “I love it all. Spain is a fascinating country. Every area you visit is so different.”

Jim considers himself to be “a sucker for crushed rocks in a glass,” so he usually leans towards white wines when drinking for pleasure (as if there’s another kind of drinking). He also enjoys wines that “have a good sense of place; that taste like they can’t be made just anywhere.” But, if Jim isn’t drinking wine, then you’re likely to find him sipping San Pellegrino sparkling water in between courses and a Manhattan (made with Canadian whisky instead of bourbon) after dinner. A dream dinner would look like this to Jim: Robert Mondavi, Steve Jobs, Jancis Robinson and a lively conversation centered around—and including—excellent wine.  

Jim can be reached at jamesg@abcfws.com and follow him on Twitter @abcwinejimg.

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