Paul Quaglini


“There are reviews for geeks, and then there are reviews for the rest of the world,” said Paul Quaglini when asked if he believed in giving wines a numeric rating (the verdict: they’re a “necessary evil”). Paul is ABC’s wine supervisor covering the regions of Italy, Spain and Portugal, who believes that people generally get too caught up in finding the perfect wine. “If you like it, it’s good wine. Your palate is the most important judge,” explained Paul. His palate’s favorite: Italian Sangiovese. If he had the option, Paul would love to host a dinner party at his house with special guests Piero Antinori, Abe Lincoln and Hilary Clinton, while serving Sangiovese, of course.

Paul has had the pleasure of visiting Italy, most frequently the Tuscany area, about a dozen times and considers it to be his favorite travel destination. He loves to travel, but notes that if you’re not too into wine, “the trips would be grueling.” Incidents such as losing luggage or a delayed flight are merely minor hiccups to Paul. “You have to roll with the punches when you travel. Those are just inconveniences that become part of the story.”

Paul can be reached at and make sure to follow him on Twitter @abcwinepaulq.

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